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Welcome to our family homepage

This is a place for all family members to publish what they want.
We are not star designers or internet experts. 
However, all members of our family from Dresden, Berlin or Crossen have their own hobbies, something they like in particular and something they believe it is worth to tell you. 

Hints, questions or statements please send to Jörn

Scotland 2003

A hard piece of work is done. 
We are very proud to present our travel diary of the journey to Scotland 2003 in English.
This diary is donated to the White Family who hosted Simone during her high school year.
Of course there is also a German Version available. 

Please, pay attention that we are a German family and so 
the most of our pages are only available in German language!

Homepage Jakob


is a schoolboy. He presents himself and his friends.  As an owner of a digital camera he shows you some fine photos. (German language)

Homepage Jörn


is a father as a head of a family and likes to travel. There you can find some travel diaries (German language)
Homepage Jörn ... has also another homepage with small photo impressions (English language).


is the grandfather and invested a lot of time to make a readably copy of the diaries of Carl Heinrich Schinkoeth (1851-1928), published here in German language.
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